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On a micro-personal level, UPOWER allows PWDs to discover their talents and skills through the training program. This can enhance their self-esteem and improve their upward social mobility with a higher skill set and potential for employment. These individual gains not only improve PWDs’ quality of life, but they also have a positive impact on the companies the PWDs are working in, especially in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Sustainability is on the top agenda of many countries, multinational companies, and small-business corporations around the world. It is not only limited to environmental issues, but it also places a huge concern on the social dimensions. Nowadays, sustainability incorporates social inclusion, equal opportunities, and anti-discrimination. The close interaction of these aspects implies that improved accessibility for PWDs has much to do with enhancing sustainability. PWDs represent a pool of talent, creativity, and innovation that is not appropriately utilized in society. Incorporating PWDs incorporates can create new market opportunities for products and services that are accessible and designed for all. Moreover, companies can benefit from better company reputation, brand image, and corporate culture, while at the same time representing human rights and contributing to community development.

Socially, Project UPower aims to promote inclusion and diversity. When more PWDs are employed, the social stigma and prejudice about PWDs will likely be altered, and the general public will be more accepting and welcoming towards PWDs. Lessened discrimination and more understanding between members of society can promote social harmony.

The government can also benefit from Project UPower in terms of lessened allowances needed for PWDs and a more productive workforce. When more PWDs are employed through Project UPower, less expenditure is required to support PWDs in navigating job opportunities. The government may allocate this amount in supporting other projects for PWDs, for instance, improving their accessibility to education and public services. Further, Project UPower’s training program allows for a more skilled labour force by developing PWD talent. This increases both the quantity and quality of labour, and it allows the workforce to be more productive with an investment in human capital, bringing gains to the overall economy in the future.

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