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To Empower People with Possibilities, To Inspire Humanity

​讓機緣照亮社會 讓機會照亮人心

About Us 關於我們

UPOWER Limited is a Social Enterprise that aims to advocate for the rights of the disabled and to build a diverse and inclusive society. We will empower people with challenges on work inclusion, and discover new employment opportunities for both the disabled and their employers.



Life-Reengineering Program


Designing to foster personal development and encourage the process of self-discovery.


Network and Mutual Support


Build a community where the disabled can share their experience and support one another.


Our Value 核心價值

UPOWER hopes to strengthen and grow in the Social Enterprise sector. We emphasize on affirming a greater and deeper social impact for people who are marginalized because of their disability.


UPOWER Limited  御動力

Address 郵寄地址: Room 915, 9/F, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.

Tel 電話號碼: (852) 2866 3861

Fax 傳真: (852) 2866 3862

Email 電郵查詢: info@upoweronline.com

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